Our story

Every family deserves to shine, so we make personalized art to put the spotlight on what’s most important and draw families closer.

A business built for families

Our Start

When our founder, Mike, was looking for a family tree gift for his parents for Christmas, the only options he could find looked like math-class charts. He knew there had to me a more beautiful way to celebrate families. He illustrated some of our first family tree art, and customers have been saying, “Mom’s gonna love this!” to us ever since.

Our Mission

Our mission is to draw families closer through meaningful gifts such as our family tree art. We know how it feels to give a gift that ends up unused and forgotten, so we design our products to be wall-of-fame gifts that showcase your family and your feelings for them in a beautiful way that everyone will talk about for years to come.

Our Name

We believe that love is the best part of life. When we choose to memorialize our love, it can perpetuate beyond us. We want the relationships and emotions you and your loved ones share to be fully realized now and later, so we design products to make sure that you stay dearest forever. Get it … because that’s our name?